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New Puppy & Kitten Information



Pets that are starting vaccines get what we refer to as rounds of boosters. Certain vaccines are boosted a certain amount of times and everything is in increments. Typically ranging every 2-4 weeks. We boost our vaccines every 4 weeks. 


Picture of kitten

FVRCP-3 to 4 boosters starting at 8 weeks of age, then annually/tri annually 

FELV- 2 boosters starting at 8 weeks of age, then annually

Rabies-1 vaccine starting at approx 12-15 weeks, we prefer to do 15 weeks. Then annually/ tri annually 



8 week appointment:



-FVRCP #1 OF 3

-FELV #1 OF 2

12 week appointment:

-2nd round of dewormer if needed

-FELV booster #2 of 2

-FVRCP #2 of 3

15/16 week appointment:

-FVRCP #3 of 3 (1 year booster)

-Rabies (1 year)

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Da2ppi boosted 3-4 times then annually/tri annually after that, starting at 8 weeks. Lepto 2 boosters then annually after that, starting at 8 weeks.

Bordetella-given at 8 weeks one time, then annually

Rabies- given at 15/16 weeks one time, then annually/tri annually

Heartworm tests are recommended yearly regardless of heartworm prevention status-we start prevention as early as 8 weeks. 



8 week appointment:

-DA2PPi #1 of 3

-Lepto #1 of 2

-Bordetella #1 of 1

-heartworm prevention and flea meds


12 week appointment:

-Da2ppi #2 of 3

-Lepto Booster (2 of 2)

-Second round of dewormer and prevention

15/16 week appointment:

-Da2ppi #3 of 3(1 year)

-Rabies (1 year)


Felines do not commonly have Heartworm issues, as such we don’t emphasize prevention for them. Canines do need prevention against Heartworm issues.  As long as they are under 6 months of age they do not need to have a Heartworm test to begin medications.  If they are older than 6 months a Heartworm test must be performed before starting prevention and a test should be taken annually thereafter.